Bdo inventory slots

Please visit BDOGuilds Subreddit for guild recruitment needs. .. There are 30+ quests that give inventory slots and you can purchase it. The importance of weight limit and inventory slots is considerable as most activities in Black Desert Online require either BDO weight limit increase from loyalty. Below is a table of all the quests that will give you more inventory space the only other way to increase inventory space is by buying bag slots in the cash shop. Wie angekündigt könen ab sofort in diesem Forum auch keine neuen Beiträge mehr veröffentlicht werden. Wedding party is in north east portion of Calpheon. However, to be able to use Merv's Palette on your wetteronline gummersbach, the item must not have any permanent dyes applied to it. Thread Tools Show Printable Version Search Thread. Black Desert Online Game Page.


Black Desert Online Inventory Tutorial Guide


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